Once you’ve admired a Ferocious Harpy nest in the Amazon rainforest, trembled with emotion and joy at the sight of a Spectacled Bear in the cloud forest, or smelled the sweet fragrance of the Gongora pardina (aromatic orchid), you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the beauty of the natural world around you. Mix with nature in a different way, on a day hike or on one of our naturalist tours. By combining observation and photography, your guide will help you interpret and understand nature’s countless riches. Some of our trips include overnight stays in bivouacs, with local people, in huts in the middle of remote wilderness sites, or in beautiful, charming hotels, to vary the pleasures… The richness is in the diversity. Whether you’re a professional or just a nature lover, we’ll give you the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience, traveling according to your requirements and discovering a rich natural and cultural heritage.

Naturalist trips to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands - Nicky Amazon Lodge – Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve with Ecuador Experience

Nicky Amazon Lodge - Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Immerse yourself in an eco-friendly adventure while enjoying the comfort you deserve on your vacation. Nestled in the upper part of the reserve, just 30 minutes from the breathtaking Laguna Grande, this lodge offers access to one of the Amazon basin's most unique ecosystems: the flooded forest, or Igapo. Escape the chaos of the world…

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5 days
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